I'm Jaclyn, the Clutter Wrangler and I'm a professional organizer.

If you find yourself saying “I can’t find anything around here!”…

if you’re feeling overwhelmed, like your clutter is draining you

of precious time and energy…take heart: I’m here to help!


I’ve been clutter wrangling mostly by bicycle for over twenty years and counting. For me, cycling is much more than just transportation. It also says a lot about how I work and live, and it represents some of my dearest values.



Riding my bike puts a minimal strain on the environment and also saves me money. I strive for both of these things – frugality and environmentalism – in my work as well. I hardly throw anything out; most of your 'stuff' will find a loving home through local charities.



Biking is low on infrastructure and easy to implement – I seek solutions to your organizing issues that are simple to implement and maintain. No need to shell out for elaborate plastic organizers and bins; you probably have solutions around your home that will work even better.



Biking lets me be spontaneous – I can change my route in a heartbeat if there’s traffic or if I want to bike past a particularly eye-catching garden. While I’m working, I like to find ways to use the resources and limitations of each situation rather than using hard-and-fast rules or cookie-cutter techniques.



Biking is interactive – I might see friends along the way, discover something new about the city or find a neat shortcut from A to B. While wrangling, I like to work interactively with my clients to learn just what’s going to help them most (and maybe find some helpful shortcuts around the house).



Biking and wrangling are healthful for both body and mind. My clients feel better and think more clearly after a visit from me, because we’ve come up with solutions to manage their time and space more efficiently. This in turn gives them the time and energy to live life the way they've always wanted to – healthfully and free of worry.


In short, how I get to work reflects what I do once I’m there. Riding my bike embodies my core values – living simply and being conscientious – and I bring these values to work with me every day.