I'm Jaclyn, the Clutter Wrangler and I'm a professional organizer.

If you find yourself saying “I can’t find anything around here!”…

if you’re feeling overwhelmed, like your clutter is draining you

of precious time and energy…take heart: I’m here to help!


People go to organizers for any number of reasons. Here are some of the types of jobs I have done over the past few years:

• A Basic Overhaul where we organize any project or any room in your home. This may include the kitchen, bedrooms, family room, dining room or children’s room. Storage areas like closets, the basement, attic, garage, workshop or studio.

• For Home Offices we can go through all paperwork, filing, and office supplies. Then deal with how to make your systems and the actual space more conducive to productivity.

Professional and Academic offices and labs: clear all the clutter, get papers and projects in order, waste less time and get what's really important done!

• You may need Support through Life Transitions including self-employment, a family member moving out, divorce, bereavement, marriage, having a baby, health issues or downsizing after retirement.

Converting a Room to a new use? I can help that so-called extra bedroom that you just throw junk you don’t want to think about in, into a baby’s room, home office or art studio etc.

Moving, Downsizing or Renovating? I can help you pack or unpack and we’ll purge along the way. We’ll get rid of unneeded items and donate them to charities.

Check out my Testimonials section for even more detailed information on my services.

When do people use an organizer?

What happens when I hire the Clutter Wrangler?

My level of involvement is up to you. Some people I work with once or twice and set them on the right track. Others I see for longer periods of time, either once a week or once a month. We can organize at a pace you feel comfortable with.

In most cases we’ll sit down together, and I’ll help you get rid of what you don’t need and organize the rest. We’ll go through everything together and make decisions.

Other clients like different arrangements, sometimes they want to delegate the whole job to me without supervision, and sometimes they want close control. Some clients want me to get deeply involved, and others just want a consultation.

I can organize on the schedule and in the style that makes sense for you, no matter what the task.