I'm Jaclyn, the Clutter Wrangler and I'm a professional organizer.

If you find yourself saying “I can’t find anything around here!”…

if you’re feeling overwhelmed, like your clutter is draining you

of precious time and energy…take heart: I’m here to help!


Be Prepared


Prepare for the inevitable by getting your affairs in order, your end-of- life wishes put down on paper, and deciding what you want done with your favorite keepsakes and possessions. These may seem like unpleasant tasks but this will lead to peace of mind for you and ultimately for your family and friends.


I can help you be as ready as possible in the unlikely event of a fire, flood or tornado. We can make an emergency kit for your home, set up a fire-proof safe for essential documents and formulate a contingency plan to make sure you are as prepared as possible.