I'm Jaclyn, the Clutter Wrangler and I'm a professional organizer.

If you find yourself saying “I can’t find anything around here!”…

if you’re feeling overwhelmed, like your clutter is draining you

of precious time and energy…take heart: I’m here to help!


Hi! I'm Jaclyn, The Clutter Wrangler.

I've been a professional organizer for over twenty years, but really I've been doing this all my life! I was the only kid who didn't need to be told to clean my room, and as I got older, I just kept organizing. I was thrilled when friends decided to move—all that packing to help with! Strange, I know, but that’s me.

I can’t help it. When I look at a mess, I see the potential for order. My brain just automatically starts sorting things out! Getting my B.Sc. in psychology from University of Toronto only made me more interested in organizing systems that could give people relief from anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. I love creating order out of chaos and seeing how good people feel after I've paid them a visit.


I made the decision to start my own business knowing that creating order was one of my great natural talents. I started out doing jobs for friends, family and local small businesses and built from there. Word of mouth spread fast, and as I got busier and busier, I knew I had gone into the right business!

Give me a call and we can talk about how I can help you get organized.


Clutter Wrangler established in 2004.
Wrangling in Bloomington, Indiana since 2012.